As I’m sure we can all tell, it’s starting to get a little colder out there as the Winter approaches. The children are back at school and possibly home again with colds and flu. It is vital to try and fight off any nasty bugs that come your way by preparing for the worst. Here are some simple tips to keep your children healthy this winter:

  1. Stay Warm – Wrap up in those cosy scarfs and coats that have been lying around all summer, it’s hard to catch a cold when you’re nice and toasty!
  2. Wash Your Hands – Now that the children are all back at school there’s a frenzy of germs flying about so make sure to wash your hands before eating.
  3. Take Your Vitamins – Stock up on vitamin C and foods with live bacteria to keep your child’s immune system strong and energy levels high.
  4. Get Some Sleep – It is so vital your child has their full eight hours each night to give their body’s time to rest and recuperate from the long day. Children are constantly growing and developing which can leave them physically and mentally exhausted so make sure to give them time to wind down with a nice story each night and get a good nights rest.

So those are a few simple and easy ways to stay ahead this winter. If you have any tips you’d like to share with us then you can email us on info@ or post on our Twitter and Facebook pages.