At Belgrave Agency we believe that everyone who has contact with children, whether you’re a parent or childcare professional, should have all the knowledge they need to care for that childs wellbeing.

What would you do if your child was choking or poisoned?

It’s a scary thought to be in a moment when you realize your child needs your help and there’s nothing you can do. We’ve heard news reports over the years about children who have sadly been lost when these moments strike. In 2011 a little boy named Cian, aged 23 months, was pronounced dead in Galway hospital after his heart stopped when he choked on a piece of carrot and could not be resuscitated (please click here for the full article). It is for this reason that we feel it is so vital for parents and childcare professionals to be qualified and experienced in Paediatric First Aid. A situation like Cian’s can happen in an instant, it is in this instant that we need to snap into action and know exactly how to handle a choking child.

Now not every emergency scenario is quite as serious as that terrible day in Galway, first aid teaches you about the minor things too. Whether it’s shock, cuts or bumps, you learn not just how to react but how to assess the seriousness of a situation. Most of the time when children fall they tend to react to the reaction of those who have observed them i.e. If you go running over to them screaming and panicking, chances are they will start screaming and panicking too but if you can learn to stay calm no matter how serious things appear to be then the child is none the wiser.

If you feel that a Paediatric First Aid Course would benefit the care of your children then come and join us on Saturday 19th of November at 9am where you can learn everything you need to know. We will have tea and coffee available and would love hear about any ‘hairy’ moments you’ve experienced.

Places are limited so give us a call on 012809341 or drop us an email on info@ and we will be happy to put your mind at ease!