Halloween is nearly here and we thought we would put together a few ideas to celebrate this magical night. Whether you have wobblers, toddlers or pre-teens we have a game for you.

Bobbing for Apples

An old one but a classic. Children of all ages will love this game and it’s so simple! Fill a large bowl or basin with water and place a number of apples in the bowl. Everyone can have a turn bobbing for their apple and whoever bobs for the most apples wins! You must either keep your hands behind your back or placed on the table, no grabbing.

Note: Adult Supervision is required for this activity.

Ghost Stories

Turn off the lights and grab a torch or light some candles and play some eerie music. Take turns telling the scariest ghost story or myth possible. Holding the light up to your face to create a scary shadow can make it all the more real and why not have someone hiding in the corner ready to jump out…BOO!

Ghost Hunt

Take a stroll through the local park or forest to see if any ghosts have come back to visit and have a few parents dress up and hide until they want to pop out and chase someone! This is scary and very exciting but would suit an older age group. Each child that is caught by a ‘ghost’ can join the team in catching the rest of the group. This way as the scary ghost hunt continues, the children deplete and the ghosts increase!! Remember to bring extra ghost sheets for each child.

Post Mortem

This is fantastic for all age groups. Have everyone wear a blind fold and pass around different bowls filled with the contents of a ‘corpse’. You could include raw sausages for intestines, peeled grapes for eye balls and watch each child squirm, giggle and screech with excitement.

Witch and Cats

Have one child be the witch with a cane and witch hat whilst the other children can hunker down in a circle or group with their heads tucked under their arms and be the cats. The witch will stand with her back to cats until she hears a ‘meow’. She must walk among her cats and try to figure out where the meows are coming from as each cat makes the sound . When the witch figures out who it is, she touches them with her cane and sings “If you are the cat that sang the song, jump on my broom and we’ll travel along.” If the witch is correct then cat hops on her broom and they travel around the group meowing and cackling. Then the witch and cat swap places.

Pumpkin Carving Competition

Each child gets a pumpkin and there is a competition to see who can create the scariest, funniest or most quirky pumpkin face. The winner gets a bag full of goodies and everyone can take their pumpkins home as a parting gift.

Out of the House

There are a number of things happening for children around Dublin this Halloween. Imaginosity are hosting a Halloween party throughout the day starting at 9 am. Tayto Park have an ‘After Dark’ event and a ‘House of Horrors’ day time event. You can find free events by going on to http://www.familyfun.ie/halloween/.

Well we hope we’ve giving you have one or two ideas for your Halloween night and wish you a very Happy Halloween!