Our Process

3 Month Trial Period

“Our agency offers a 3 month trial period, draft Nanny employment contract for your use and a payroll service if required.” – Susan Dunn, Company Director

Belgrave Agency - Nanny Service Ireland

Register Online

When you complete our online Parents Application Form you become a client of Belgrave Agency for life. We understand that family circumstances can change over time and parents can always come back to us throughout their children’s lives to assist with future childcare requirements. All new clients upon registration will receive a confirmation email & will also be contacted by telephone within 24/48 hours.

Recruitment Process

Belgrave Agency will begin advertising, interviewing & reaching out to available Nannies. Our agency will only put forward the very best Nannies that have been carefully selected, vetted & that will match your personal requirements. Belgrave Agency do not send out random c.v.’s that will not match your criteria.

When a Belgrave Nanny has been carefully chosen to be put forward as a suitable Nanny for your family, the agency will send you their cv & introduction by email. We will arrange the interview for you, which is usually at your home & scheduled at a convenient time to suit your family.

All Belgrave Nannies are carefully selected – Garda vetted, personally interviewed, photo ID obtained, copies of references, certificates and Cv’s before meeting with our Belgrave clients.

Belgrave Agency’s recruitment process can take between 4-12 weeks or longer depending on location & job specifications. The recruitment process for a Belgrave Nanny is a long term solution & securing the very best childcare available.

Hire Belgrave Nanny

When a Belgrave Nanny has been chosen & offered the position through the agency. We will send you a draft employment Nanny contract by email, which will be signed by both parties. The agency placement fee is processed & payable before commencement date of employment or 7 days after invoice date.