Baby massage is a great way to help with colic and digestion and is also a bonding and soothing exercise to do with your baby. A good time to perform this exercise is before bath time in the morning or bed time in the evening, always choose a time when you are feeling relaxed too.

“…think of the rule of three”

Before we begin let us give you some tips on how to recognise the signs of colic, think of the rule of three.

  1. Does your baby cry for three hours a day
  2. For at least three days a week
  3. For a period of three weeks

Typical signs include

  • arching of the back
  • uncontrollable spouts of crying for long periods of time with no apparent trigger
  • clenching of fists or wincing at touch

If you are ever unsure, however, always ask your local nurse or doctor. Don’t wait three weeks!

Colic tends to develop and become more painful for babies throughout the day so we would recommend this exercise twice a day so your baby can get the most benefit.

First remove any clothing and place your baby on their back. Rub your hands in some oil to help them glide over your baby’s skin being mindful that your hands are warm before you start!

You may decide to play some relaxing music or sing to your baby to help create a relaxing environment. Personally we like Baby Mozart, press play below and enjoy!

Begin by gently rubbing your baby’s tummy with the palm of your hands in a downward direction starting from just under their chest right down to their pelvis and do this for about twelve strokes. Then move your hands over your baby’s tummy in a clockwise direction to help shift the trapped gas, this needs to be done in a slow motion and repeated several times.

Hold you right hand on your baby’s lower half while bending both legs up towards their tummy and holding for a few seconds, repeat this motion three times.

You may then turn your baby on their tummy and massage their back in a downward motion to help things move along further. Tummy time can vastly assist your baby’s development through strengthening their muscles and can battle against colic and help aid a restful night.

We hope our natural technique will assist you in easing your baby’s pain and aiding in digestion resulting in a calm and happy baby!