Ever had to sooth a crying baby? Of course you have, we’ve all experienced it! And sometimes it can be frustrating especially when your baby can’t physically talk to you and tell you what the matter is. It’s inevitable that babies cry, what other way can the communicate with you.

Just like you or I, a baby can become hungry, bored, lonely or even scared.

But sometimes, possibly when it’s 4 am and your are a living definition of exhaustion, it can be nice to have a helping hand. Don’t worry, Belgrave Agency is here to save the day!

Below are a few tips to memorise that may help you ease you baby and stop the crying.


This is one of the most common reasons why a baby cries. A new-born baby can drink up to 3 ounces of milk every 2-3 hours. Learn to recognise the signs of hunger in your baby.

If they are:
1. Placing the hand by their mouth
2. Fussing
3. Sucking on their fist
4. Lip smacking
5. Rooting – this is where the child turns their head towards your hand when you stroke their face, usually a new-born reflex


Your baby may need a nappy change or is chaffing, maybe a clothing tag is scraping their skin but you can’t see it. Temperature is always a good thing to think of as your baby might be too hot or teething which can cause their temperature to rise.

Gas or Trapped Wind

This is another common problem for babies that parents can sometimes miss. A great tell sign if your baby has trapped wind is if they are arching their back from pain and discomfort. The best thing to do in this situation is:
1. Lay your baby down on their back
2. Hold each of their legs
3. Slowly bring your baby’s knees up to their tummy and back down again
4. Repeat this until your baby releases wind
Always remember to burp you baby after feeding. There are a number of products that can help your baby if they suffer from coli or gas like gripe water or anti-gas drops. Just ask your local pharmacist. If your baby’s crying persist then bring them to your doctor for more advice.


Babies need cuddles. When babies are in the womb they have a very strong connection with their mother. They eat what she eats; can hear her heartbeat, listens to her voice and when they’re born everything changes. Babies need to feel close to their parents and look at you and hear your voice. This is so important in building a bond with your baby and can last into their adult years. Snuggles, songs and talking to your baby will often calm them down.

So that’s pretty much it folks! That’s the crying baby checklist and it’s worked for years. If you feel you have anything to add or would like to share you ‘How to Sooth a Baby’ story we’d love to hear from you.

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