Parents Platform

Parents Platform

What is the going rate for a part-time Nanny?

The hourly rate is €12.00 – €15.00 per hour depending on experience, qualifications and if a driver is required.

What are the standard Nanny duties?

The standard Nanny duties would be:

  • All children’s meals
  • Children’s laundry
  • Keeping common areas in the family home tidy
  • Putting on or emptying the dishwasher or washing machine
  • Keeping children’s playroom and bedrooms tidy
  • Creating and implementing a good routine for the children
  • Ensuring good physical exercise for the children

  • Developmental activities – reading, colouring, music, etc (age appropriate)

  • Attending playgroups or arranging playdates with parents’ consent

How do we meet the agency’s candidates?

The agency can arrange for you to meet candidates in your home, office or any other convenient location. If you prefer to meet candidates at our office this can also be arranged.

What is Belgrave Agency’s vetting procedure?

Belgrave Agency interviews everyone in person after a phone screening and submission of a resume. We verify all written references, request photo identification and a strict Garda vetting process is carried out. Copies of certs from relevant courses are obtained, an up to date C.V. is mandatory and a detailed application form is required to be completed for the agency during interview.

How soon will the agency find someone?

Belgrave Agency begin the recruitment process from the moment you register and create advertising campaigns to source and place a Nanny in line with your required date of commencement. We stay in constant contact with you giving you updates every step of the way.

Does Belgrave Agency cover live-in placements?

Yes, we have Nannies who prefer live in positions and can facilitate any type of placement.